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By providing birthday parties for children experiencing homelessness, it allows them an opportunity to participate in an important part of childhood often overlooked by other service organizations.


At each party, every child with a birthday in that month is presented a substantial gift, while every attendee receives a cupcake, juice pack, party favor, and catered meals. More importantly, they also get a boost to their feeling of self-worth and the realization that no matter where they live, they are loved and recognized. Something as seemingly simple as a birthday party raises self-esteem, increases childhood resilience, and provides an alternative perspective to a current situation.


Through the DFW Birthday Brigade, mentoring and tutoring are given. Positive role models from all walks of life volunteer to provide long-term influence on the lives of children in ways that reach far beyond a party, helping them through short-term situations or providing access to tools necessary to break enduring cycles.


The services provided by DFW Birthday Brigade are unlike any in the region, and the organization’s influence extends far beyond a temporary housing arrangement.

It would be impossible to achieve our organizational goals without the time and dedication of our wonderful volunteers. To learn more about our volunteers or how to become one, check out some of these other pages on our site!

A representative of ACH Family Services, Kate Faggella-Luby, recently reached out to the DFW Birthday Brigade to share a story with us about a young man who attended our birthday party in December of 2019.

"This kiddo turns 21 at the end of this year, and is feeling quite anxious and worried about what will be next for him, and what his future holds.  Like many of us at that age, he hasn’t always taken full advantage of the opportunities that have been offered to him, and he seems to be feeling a lot of shame and self-doubt about that. Although he is generally an optimistic and positive person, he has started to really withdraw, pulling back from the connections and support he initially made when he entered the LIFE Project. 


I wasn’t sure he would come to the party, partly because he is feeling so stressed about this upcoming birthday.  He DID come, but because he was fairly quiet during the party, I wasn’t sure how he was feeling about everything.  However, Tuesday night at 10:30, he sent me a text asking me to thank you all for the party. 


It might sound like a small thing, but to me, this was so powerful.  The fact that this young man, who has been so withdrawn and distant for months, would take the initiative, and express his gratitude means that you all and your generosity touched his heart in a powerful way.  Even more than a birthday gift, he has been needing to know that someone cares, that there are people who support him and want the best for him.  You gave him that and I truly believe that is a priceless gift. 

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for what y’all do.  We are so blessed by your enthusiasm and generosity.





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