In order to put on Birthday Parties, the DFW Birthday Brigade is in need of your help gathering Birthday gifts and prizes for attendees.

Please see the below list of items - if you are able to donate any of these things, it is very appreciated!


Needed Items (New Adults)


This is geared towards youth aging out of Foster Care, 18-21 Years old.

  • Gifts/Prizes range from $5.00 to $10.00 

  • Décor items (like a small potted succulent or a picture frame)

  • Basic tools (like a small hammer or a screwdriver with multiple heads – stores sell small sets of these)

  • High quality manual can opener

  • Sets of towels/washcloths

  • Small first aid kit

Other Needed Items


There are other items needed which are not age specific.

Drawstring backpacks or totes which can be re-used by the recipient. Average cost of these is $5.00 - Many youth arrive at the shelter with only the clothes on their backs.

In winter, we give assortments of blankets, beanie/toboggan hats, wind breakers and gloves.


In the summer, we let them choose from a collection of flip flops. These are only $1.00 at Dollar Tree! 


Needed Items (Children & Teens)


This is geared towards youth ages 10-17 years old

  • High Quality Chapstick, Body Wash, Cologne and Perfume

  • Books of all areas 

  • Small Flashlights

  • Wallets or Change Purses

  • Bus Passes

  • Phone Chargers (Android & iPhone)

  • Earbuds

  • Pop Sockets (Circular, stick-on device for back of phone which pops out and makes the phone easier to hold)

  • Watches

  • Yoyos

  • Grownup coloring books and colored pencils/markers

  • Paint sets with books or blank paper pads

  • Sports Equipment (Basketballs, Frisbees, Footballs, Soccerballs, Volleyballs, Glow in the dark balls - Five & Below has a bunch)

  • Light-up spinners

  • Insulated cups/mugs/water bottles all styles. If it has a handle that's a plus!

  • Deck of Cards, Grown up card games, Board games

  • Small Makeup/Toiletry bags

  • Socks

  • Food/Snacks that can withstand heat (ie, chips, trail mix with no chocolate)

  • Small Gatorades/Juice Packs


We are also available for donation through PayPal!