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Party Time!

The DFW Birthday Brigade serves up birthday magic for

unsheltered youth in DFW. Parties include presents and

cake, of course, but also a hot meal and amazing

entertainment. It's an opportunity for a child to feel

recognized on their special day.

Beyond the Birthday
By cultivating a movement to help educate homeless youth,

DFW Birthday Brigade serves as a resource to inspire youth to successfully transition into society. Educating economically underprivileged teens can afford them greater chances of developing safe and healthy lifestyles.

As of January 2024 the DFW Birthday Brigade has served over 4,300 individuals, celebrated 796 birthdays, and held 104 parties!


Recognized by and participated in Fort Worth Mayor’s Week of Compassionate Service January 21-29, 2017.

Sundt Foundation grant winner, September 2017.

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Providing birthday parties for unsheltered youth; offering encouragement, support, and programs to assist them in continuing their education.


Despite the limitations from the Covid virus, we have been able to serve the homeless youth in Tarrant County. We were able to bring them birthday presents, coats, blankets, pillows, gloves, hats, dental supplies, and though not able to provide full parties, let them know we care! These successes could not be achieved without support from our generous benefactors. Please know that your donation does make a genuine difference in the lives of many children!

The Brigade’s plan for 2024 is to continue supporting the youth experiencing homelessness living at Fosters’ Home in Stephenville Texas as well as the SOAR (Safety, Ownership, Advancement, Responsibility) House. This program is designed for young adults from ages 18-22, who have aged out of foster care and need a base of support beneath them as they transition to life on their own. This independent living program is ideally suited to Stephenville, which offers a junior college, a university, and many great employment opportunities.

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